The mythical beast Bigfoot has allegedly been caught on video taking a stroll across a field, with footage showing a dark figure lolloping in the distance.

In the clip, shared on the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) Facebook page, the odd two-legged shape moves slowly underneath powerlines in The Florida Panhandle, US.

The figure appears to be walking from the treeline on the right of the frame and across the open space towards the dense forest on the left.

Tyler Howell, who uploaded the clip on January 29, said he thought the shape looked “slouched over” and described the posture as “odd”.

A lone figure alleged to be Bigfoot walks across a field
A lone figure alleged to be Bigfoot walks across a field

Cryptozoology enthusiasts were quick to give their opinion on the strange footage, which sparked a debate on whether the beast was Bigfoot or something more mundane, like an ordinary man.

One person reckoned: “It was kinda far away to be definitive but I was looking at how quickly he covered that space…seemed quicker than what a human would be able to cover in that time.”

“Saw dark bipedal walking right to left briefly,” commented another.

A third added: “I see a possible Bigfoot.”

Sightings of a mysterious beast called ‘Bigfoot’ have been reported for centuries

On the fence, someone else thought it had a “human gait with erect posture” and lacked the “sloped head, high leg kick, and swinging arms and torso” said to be a telltale Bigfoot trait.

But they added: “Could be a juvenile squatch (Sasquatch) though.”

Other people were more sceptical, with one writing: “It’s just someone walking across the field.”

People have reported seeing large, hair-covered, man-like animals deep in the wilderness of North America for more than 400 years, according to the BFRO.

The animal, nicknamed Bigfoot, but also known as a Sasquatch, joins other legendary beasts such as “Dogman”, the “Loch Ness Monster” and the “Yeti” which have little supporting evidence of existing other than witness reports.

One man claimed to have seen a juvenile Bigfoot-like beast attack his car playfully and then a larger creature, he said was the adult, made clicking noises.

Another video allegedly showed Bigfoot caught on Google Maps Street View – but some people say it’s a hoax.

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