CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Robot Ninja Media and Gravitas Ventures announced the upcoming release of its full-length paranormal documentary and major media event, “The House In Between” ( The documentary is the product of a direct collaboration between Steve Gonsalves, Kendall Whelpton, local investigators John Bullard and Brad Cooney, and homeowner Alice Jackson. “The House In Between” hopes to solve the continuing mystery of one of the most disturbing haunted house cases in the United States, and takes a three-pronged approach: blending pure science, paranormal techniques, and a richly emotional, poignant human story. The documentary trailer has already received over 150,000 views on social media, with a hard release scheduled for May 5. The film will be distributed by Gravitas Ventures via the iTunes Store, Amazon Prime Video, all major VOD/streaming platforms and everywhere that movies are sold.

“The House In Between” – A Paranormal Event Years in the Making

“This film represents the results of the first 10-year-long continuous study of a house that is haunted ever conducted,” said producer and director Steve Gonsalves. “We have never seen anything like this place, and it’s an absolute game changer for the paranormal field. Alice originally fled the house due to the intense activity, but ultimately, she just couldn’t bear to sell it. It was her dream home and she wanted to move back in. It’s not an old house, but the problem predates its construction – the paranormal disturbance was there first. And it’s a problem that’s all the more frightening because it’s real.”

The documentary follows lead investigators John Bullard and Brad Cooney as they unravel the mystery behind this haunted Mississippi site.

  • The Film: A dream home becomes a nightmare when the homeowner finally flees, after a life-changing paranormal experience.
  • The Facts: Filmed on location, with over 10 years of documented evidence and experiences. Experts believe the forces within the house are evolving, learning to communicate with the living.
  • The Mission: To help Alice return to her home, despite enduring years of paranormal activity that ultimately drove her away.

“We wanted to film this investigation in a completely new way,” said Gonsalves. “I want the content to stand on its own, based on the solid science we used to explore the house. This isn’t just another scary paranormal investigation. This isn’t hype: it’s frightening because this can happen to anyone, at any time. This is a real person in crisis, with a real need, and the questions are hard and not easy to answer. Is this a natural event? A traditional haunting? Or is this something far more ineffable? That’s ultimately what we’re trying to find out. But most importantly: we want people to see the human side to this enduring mystery.”

“We wanted to showcase Alice’s story through a linear narrative to help us document the real sequence of events as they unfolded, and it paid off,” said Kendall Whelpton.

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About Directors Steve Gonsalves and Kendall Whelpton

A former police officer, Steve has been a public speaker and educator concerning paranormal phenomena for nearly 20 years. A paranormal pioneer, Steve served as the lead cast member for the hit series “Ghost Hunters,” which is widely credited for starting the popular paranormal boom over 10 years ago that continues on today. He also starred in the spin-off series “Ghost Hunters Live” and “Ghost Hunters Academy.” Steve began his career as a paranormal researcher at a young age and is considered to be a leader in the field, having investigated over 1,000 separate haunted locations. Steve is currently working on his latest series, “Ghost Nation,” set to premiere its second season on the Travel Channel, April 22nd.

Kendall is the co-owner of Robot Ninja Media, and is best known for his cinematographic work on the series “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Brothers,” “Battlefish,” “Wicked Tuna,” as well as “Pledge This!” (2006), and “Doing DaVinci” (2009). Filming over 700 paranormal investigations Kendall, at times, feels like he’s searching for his own answers through the people he films. For more of Kendall’s work, visit HERE.

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