The latest episode of our paranormal investigation series We Want to Believe has been released online, and you can check it out in the embed above! This episode is the third in the four-part Hunt for Bigfoot, and the team of Jason Hewlett, Sarah Jane, and Chris Bose are joined by renowned cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard as they explore how Bigfoot relates to people. Why is Bigfoot so difficult to find? Where they do they live, and do they mark their territory?

The Hunt for Bigfoot was written and directed by Jason Hewlett, who gave the following statement:

This episode wasn’t part of the original plan for our Hunt for Bigfoot episodes. Once we started venturing into the woods, and began compiling footage, we realized we’d stumbled across something we hadn’t anticipated finding – possible Bigfoot shelters and territorial markings! Having Ken Gerhard on hand to help explain things adds a lot to the episode, and it’s one of the best of this series, in my biased opinion.

We Want to Believe is Produced by Jason Hewlett, Jason Morris, and John Fallon. Berge Garabedian is Executive Producer, and the episode was Edited by Jason Morris. Hewlett is joined in the cast of the show by Peter Renn, Shawn Knippelberg, Sarah Jane, Brandon Knippelberg, and Marcus Flor.

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We Want to Believe

A possible Bigfoot print in the snow?!

We Want to Believe

Writer/director Jason Hewlett does not fear The Foot

We Want to Believe

Renowned cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard got shit to say!

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