NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV) – Over the last few nights, we’ve found out a lot about hunting ghosts and what paranormal investigators do. We’ve been to a really haunted house, Magnolia Hall in Natchez. But what actually happened to the souls who lived there? Let’s find out.

“It was built in 1858 by Thomas Henderson. He was a wealthy planter and cotton merchant. And he only lived here a few years. He died in 1863,” explained Christine Bartha, chairman of the preservation society Ellicott’s Hill.

“For many years after Mr. Henderson passed away, a lot of guests have noticed an indentation on his bed and on his pillow. The bed that is in his bedroom is his bed that he did pass away in. Tour guides, tourists, paranormal groups have all witnessed this over the years. I think that would be called a residual haunting. That’s something that happens over and over again. It’s like a psychic imprint left behind. ‘I’d like to know why you hang around this house?’” stated Brian Riley, a paranormal investigator.

We’ve seen shadow figures, we’ve heard disembodied voices, we’ve heard footsteps. We need to see if Thomas Henderson or any of his family have any kind of messages they want to get out to us. Sometimes this house is over active. Sometimes it’s not. Just nothing will happen. 

So, what would you do if you saw a shadow figure walk out in front of you? Or heard disembodied voices? Or saw something move on its own? Would you be scared? I know I would be, and we’re not done yet. Tune in Friday night at 6:00, and we’ll find out why Natchez is one of the most haunted cities in Mississippi.


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