His art and design can be found in graphic novels, books, websites, toy and horror film concept art, as well as major haunt attractions, natural history museums, and private collections.

Hart recalled the assignment he received that changed the direction of his life.

“I attended Blackburn College in Carlinville, Illinois, for my BFA,” Hart said. “I should have known I was destined for ‘big things’ when my art class was tasked by the late yet eternally inspirational professor, Peter Slavish, with the project of creating a wire sculpture and our class given access to a one-mile bale of steel wire.

“My classmates all turned in tabletop-sized sculptures for review while I went overboard and created a life size 25-foot-tall young dragon. It filled an entire studio in the art building and was even purchased by my professor. I wonder where that dragon is today?”

The concept for The World Myth Museum had its roots in Hart’s successful traveling exhibit, Gardens of Myth. Developed by Kendall and his wife Joanna. Asked to describe the exhibit, Hart said, “Gardens of Myth is a collection of life-size, super realistic sculptures depicting creatures of myth from around the world. These creatures are familiar today in popular culture and range in size from the tiniest fairies to the incredible, dinosaur-sized dragon.”

The goblins of Germany, Bigfoot of North America, and the leprechaun of Ireland were included in the exhibit and interpreted as part of culture and history. Each sculpture was designed, sculpted, and hand-finished by Hart and his team at Grimstone Studios. Needless to say, it was a rip-roaring success for the artist.

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