The other highlight was a group that was there serving Yum Yums from Harriett’s mother’s own copyrighted recipe. They were excellent and nothing like the ones I make. Despite all of the compliments I heaped upon Harriett and her mother, she is not budging in her forever pledge to not share the recipe. I will not give up just yet!

Our tourism business has already started to pick up and fill our lodging properties. Last weekend alone, there were lines of people from the baseball/softball tournaments, antique show and Fiber Fair all clamoring to grab a bite to eat. Chances ‘R’ had lines out the front door, with hungry folks sitting on the sidewalk waiting their turn, due to staffing shortages. Unfortunately, the same is true with many of the other dining venues across town. Hours have been cut, and some are only doing drive-through, mostly because of staffing issues. Businesses are short on frontline staff, waiters and waitress, bus people and cooks. If you are looking for work, and ready to get back into the workforce, please consider your food industry and lodging property folks. They are looking for you!

Firecracker Frenzy is just around the corner, and July will be here all too soon. The York Ambassadors have teamed up with the York Chamber to help raise funds for the spectacular Fireworks display on the 3rd of July. So many people assume that this event is funded by the city, which is not true. It is funded only by donations from businesses and individuals in York and the surrounding area. If we want it to continue putting this annual event on, we need the public to donate. It costs approximately $1,000 per minute to produce this professional show. . . so the 25-minute display we all enjoy runs $25,000. Ambassadors have been helping to contact Chamber members about their interest in contributing to the cause. We are not quite there with the $25,000 goal, so we are asking you help in continuing this great celebration. There are also very cool Frenzy t-shirts available starting at $20.00 each. Donations of any amount will gladly be accepted at the York Chamber of Commerce Office or online at Thank you in advance.

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