All the cool monsters live in Ohio. 

A recent sighting of Grassman in eastern Ohio showed a glimpse of the cryptozoology Ohio has to offer. 

But Grassman is just a Bigfoot. Pretty pedestrian among legendary animals. 

There are far odder creatures that lurk in Buckeye lore. 

Here’s a look at some of Ohio’s weirdest monsters:

Loveland Frogman

An image purported to be of the Loveland Frog taken in 2016.

When you’re riding on the Loveland bike trail, be careful of a large, bipedal frog. 

Stories of an amphibious humanoid in the Loveland area have circulated since 1955. That year, a businessman claimed to see three of these creatures on the bank of the Little Miami River. 

He said the creature left the scent of almonds and alfalfa. 

Two Loveland Police officers said they saw the creature in 1972. One claimed to have shot at the creature on a bridge near Riverside Drive on St. Patrick’s Day that year.

The creature got away. But the legend persisted. It spawned a musical that debuted on at the 2014 Cincinnati Fringe.

The frogman resurfaced in 2016, more than 40 years after the last sighting.

Two people were playing “Pokemon Go” between Loveland Madeira Road and Lake Isabella when they spotted a large frog and snapped a picture. The creature stood up on its hind legs. 

This sighting, however, may have killed the legend. Shortly after the news broke, one of the police officers who shot it in 1972 called a reporter at local news station WCPO. He claimed it was a hoax. The frogman he shot was, in fact, an iguana without a tail. Which is still pretty freaky looking. 

Bigfoot-like creature spotted at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio, men claim