Vinton Public Library is busier than ever as it moves through its summer reading program and remains safely open to the public.

“In June alone, we’ve had 3,117 materials checked out from our desk, and almost 500 e-books checked out online,” Janette McMahon, Vinton Library Director said. “Our programs are very successful and a lot of new material has hit the shelves lately. These programs and maybe a little bit of the heat bring people indoors.”

This year’s summer reading program, “Reading Colors Your World”, began in June with art projects, a visit from the Blank Park Zoo, rocket science and a field trip to the Vinton Water Treatment plan this past month. Activities for toddlers have been held on Mondays and older children have enjoyed their programming on Tuesdays.

“We like to incorporate what we can locally into our programs,” McMahon said. “We’ve had an extremely successful collaboration with Vinton Parks and Rec this june. The kids found some fantastic shells off the river and actually a couple arrowheads during a trip.”

The programming continued Tuesday with a trip to the Vinton Depot. Kids will take part in flower pressing next week, followed by “Magic and Puppets” from Allen Entertainment on Wednesday and a program devoted to blimps and planes the week after on Tuesday. On July 27, Vinton Public Library will host a cryptozoology program at 2:00 p.m.

“Cryptozoology will look at different Iowa legendary creatures and I know kids are looking forward to that,” McMahon said. “Allen Entertainment is pretty exciting and we’re planning on hosting that outside if the weather is nice.”

Kids have read over the summer to earn their chance at prizes such as a mechanical hand, terrarium and the most popular of all: a squawking chicken.

“I had no idea it was going to be so popular with everyone from toddlers to adults,” McMahon said. “It’s been a lot of fun watching our patrons interact with the chickens on display.”

Once summer is over and fall begins to roll in, the library will bring back their after school program for school-age children. The program was offered once again in January after a pause due to COVID-19 concerns. Toddler storytimes will continue on Monday mornings. McMahon also plans to have indoor programming for all ages and families.

“Life feels more normal again and I can say the same about our programming,” McMahon said. “We are still following our guidelines and watching for any changes. I feel that we’re doing a really good job at maintaining what we need to do for the community.”

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