LITTLETON, N.C. (WNCN) — Taniya and Erin went Road Trippin’ to Littleton to check out the Cryptozoology and Paranormal Activity Museum.

Stephen Barcelo, who runs the museum, says there have been a handful of Bigfoot sightings in the town, which inspired the museum.

Taniya and Erin had to see for themselves, so they went on a Bigfoot hunt.

But they didn’t find anything.

Barcelo says the town of about 650 people has many haunted locations, including “The Doll House.” It’s a house filled with dolls, and the owner of the home says she was scared after one of the dolls talked to her.

Barcelo says ghost hunters from all over the country visit Littleton to try and communicate with the other side.

If you ever see anything spooky or out of the ordinary you can contact the Cryptozoology Museum to report your findings.

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