Below is a list of the three best Ghost Adventures episodes according to IMDb ranking, which was determined by viewer ratings.

One of the most popular paranormal activity shows currently airing is the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. Having debuted back in 2008, the show is fronted by paranormal activity investigator, Zak Bagans. Bagans, along with his crew consisting of Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley, go in search of haunted locations within the United States (US) and internationally. Since its first season, the show has changed its treatment and editing style.

The show’s format comprises location interviews with the locals, a visit to the site believed to be haunted, interviews with the ghosts or evil spirits haunting said locations, and re-enactments to push the narrative forward. When the show initially launched, the treatment did not afford the viewers leeway to choose if the paranormal activity was truthful or not. Therefore, the more recent episodes have taken to rather sharing the findings and letting the viewer decide on the validity.

Hence, when it comes to the matter of rating the best episodes, the biometrics on doing so change depending on the platform. This is as the criteria is altered to cater to the fanbase of the platform carrying out the ranking. The criteria that is usually used to rank the best episodes varies from the spookiest to the most gripping episode, due to the believability of the episode.

In light of the aforementioned, the list below is the three most highly rated episodes from the six seasons of the show according to IMDb. The list was created on Tuesday, 7 September 2021, using the latest figures shared by IMDb.

  1. Ireland’s Celtic Demons

Ireland’s Celtic Demons aired in 2014. During this time, the show was still heavily based on milking the humour out of the strange and bizarre. Moreover, it’s the only episode on this list that was filmed outside of the US. Fronted by Bagans, with the inclusion of Goodwin and Anthony Bohan, the episode was detailed as, “In a special two-hour event, Ghost Adventures travel across Ireland’s countryside, uncovering the origins of Halloween, abound with ancient Celtic legends and haunted locales infested by ghosts, banshees and satanic entities.”

The episode is a whirlwind of mysticism, hauntings and visits to various haunted landmarks in Ireland. Besides being a compelling episode, it also functioned to provide popular tourist sites for viewers who also want to experience sightings of ghosts, banshees and satanic entities. The viewers gave the show a 9/10 rating.

  1. Halloween Special: Route 666

Having aired in 2016, the two-part episode is arguably one of the most memorable. Moreover, it is one of the most highly ranked episodes across all the various criteria shared when voting on the best episodes of the show. The two-part episode was detailed as, “In this two-hour Halloween event, the Ghost Adventure crew travels across Texas on a personal Route 666. First they investigate the De Soto Hotel and Concordia Cemetery, both known for Satan worship. Then they head to Goatman’s Bridge where a demon has attacked three women.” The viewers gave the episode a 9.1/10 rating.

The episode aired before the show changed its filming treatment. Therefore, the walkaway is a haunting take which, due to the humour of the episode, still provides suggestions of a detached surreal world.

  1. Curse of Ranch Island

Curse of Ranch Island is the seventh episode of season six, and is undoubtedly the most highly ranked episode from Ghost Adventures. It was fronted by Bagans, Goodwin and Tolley. The episode was detailed as, “Zak and the crew investigate rampant paranormal activity at a communal compound outside of Las Vegas, known as Ranch Island. When Zak is overcome by a dark energy, the team fears he may be in danger from a spirit trapped on the property.”

The result is a captivating but comical episode which leaves fans wondering whether Bagans was really possessed by the dark energy. The show was given a 9.2/10 rating by fans.

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