This sweet little Christmas branch with its dangling ornaments has a farmhouse theme. But it will have a whimsical touch in any setting.

Make our decorations — twig tree, gilded pine cone, paper heart, tree-in-ball and burlap ornaments, or use your own meaningful ornaments.

You’ll need: Branches, twigs, twine, string and ribbon, paper (old books, sheet music, etc.) clear ornaments, burlap, mini bottle brush tree, glitter, gold leaf kit or metallic craft paint, white glue, eye hook.

Create a hanger for your branch with twine or ribbon. Tuck in a sprig of greenery.

Twig tree

1. Cut 14 twigs graduating in length from 2 1/2 to 7 inches (1/2 inch difference between each twig).

2. Cut length of string two arms length long.

3. Create loop for knot in the middle of the string; insert the largest twig. Double tie it tightly in place.

4. Create another loop; repeat with remaining twigs from largest to smallest, keeping knots onto to reduce twisting.

Paper heart

1. Cut paper: 2 strips 8-inches long, 2 strips 7 inches long and 2 strips 5 inches long, each 1 inch wide.

2. Cut 12-inch long piece of string or twine.

3. Fold twine in half. Place 5-inch paper strip on each side of twine, lining up ends. Add 7-inch strip to each side, then 8-inch strips. Paper strips should be even twine. Staple ends together in a crisscross shape, catching the twine.

4. Personalize it with glitter, if desired.

Tree in a ball: Use a dab of glue on mini bottle brush tree and insert into clear ornament. Wait a moment, then add fine glitter for a snowy effect.

Burlap ball: Attach burlap strips to ball ornament with glue, or use our pattern at Stamp any word on a ribbon and tie around center.

Gilded pine cone: Use leafing size to coat pine cone tips. Follow directions to apply gold leaf. Or use metallic craft paint instead. Screw a small eye hook into the top center. Add hanging string or ribbon.

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