A group of 35 people, including members of the public, explored the fort to verify rumours of spirits living there.

Tony Ferguson, and a team of poltergeist experts from Ghost2Ghost events team, documented on camera what they think is evidence of an ‘intelligent haunting’.

The 13 ghost hunting veterans shared a video on TikTok which he speculates to be evidence of ‘spirits’ responding to call outs and a back door opening by itself.

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Ghost hunter Tony Ferguson described Fort Widley as one of the most haunted places in the UK. Picture: Tony Ferguson.

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Mr Ferguson told The News: ‘While members of the public were sat on seats in the tunnels, we were calling out to see if we got any responses,

‘We heard a lot of “get outs”, “go’s”, “leaves”, and even something shouting “get her”.

‘We were all hearing this all together during a vigil, so there is no reason to be hearing these disembodied voices, other than the fact they are responding to us.’

Mr Ferguson said a ‘spirit’ set off one of his devices in the tunnels of Fort Widley. Picture: Tony Ferguson.

The group entered the fort on Saturday night, with Debbie McCall and Emily Cowell from Ghost2Ghost showing people round.

They took turns splitting up into three groups, exploring the tunnels beneath the site and areas around it.

Throughout the night, Mr Ferguson said everyone had chilling experiences.

He said while he was in one of the hall rooms, a latch on a door opened by itself behind him.

Ghost2Ghost, a paranormal events company, organised a group of 35 people to travel through Fort Widley on Saturday night. Picture: Tony Ferguson.

The 37-year-old said no one was near the door when he investigated, and did not think wind caused it open, as it remained shut all night.

Later on, a ‘spirit’ came into contact with them in the tunnels.

Mr Ferguson added: ‘A strange misty figure came towards one of our devices.

‘The device we use to track paranormal activity has to be physically touched to go off, and yet the mist went straight past it and set it off.

Tunnels underneath Fort Widley. Picture: Tony Ferguson.

‘I can’t explain it, but a spirit can form like a misty figure.

‘For me, it could have been an unseen force which we couldn’t visibly see at the time, and some people said they felt something brush past them.

‘Whatever was there was intelligent, because it was responding to us.’

The Ghost2Ghost team believe a ‘sinister non-living being’ is moving between Fort Widley and Fort Purbrook.

He said: ‘It was very negative and sinister, and not very pleasant.

‘It’s an intelligent haunting, and the spirits were responding to us on every question.

‘Unfortunately, it wasn’t a positive communication.

‘We were very on guard the whole night, it was activity galore.’

The paranormal enthusiast is planning to return to the historic monument as part of a charity event on August 27.

Ghost2Ghost are planning to raise money for Forgotten Veterans UK, which supports military personnel and their families.

Mr Ferguson thinks the myths from Fort Widley, including a story where a drummer boy was killed by a Sergeant, have validity to them – stating the location is one of the most haunted he has seen.

He said: ‘I’ve been to so many places that claim to be haunted, and I’ve seen so much.

‘For me, it’s up there with the top five most haunted places in the UK.

‘There’s something more sinister about Fort Widley. I can’t put my finger on it, but it just don’t trust that place.

‘I wouldn’t want to be down in the tunnels on my own.’

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