It’s official, Midnight Ghost Hunt is available now on Steam Early Access! This paranormal 4v4 asymmetrical multiplayer is bringing a unique experience to die for. It’s ghost hunters versus ghosts in this hide-and-seek prop hunt title.

Two teams of four players face off in a spooky map inspired by popular haunted tropes. Team Ghost Hunters are tasked with seeking out the unrested spirits and stopping their haunting spree before the clock strikes midnight. Team Ghosts are originally tasked with hiding from the Hunters. If you are discovered and killed, you must then wait until the clock strikes midnight to come back into the game. Only this time, the ghosts are stronger and more lethal.

When midnight strikes, the tables turn and now the hunters become the hunted. Ghost Hunters must try to survive the onslaught of the midnight massacre to win the game. It only takes one survivor on each team to win the match. Who will prevail?

With a level progression system containing unlockable perks, skins, and a multitude of maps and game modes promised to be in the world during the early access period, Midnight Ghost Hunt is looking mighty beefy with fresh content.

Coffee Stain Publishing and Vaulted Sky Games just recently had a multiplayer beta right before the early access launch. We were able to play a few sessions in the beta and can happily report that the game is as fun and chaotic as it sounds. Stay tuned for our full First Impression and breakdown of what Midnight Ghost Hunt has to offer.

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