TikTok user _wonderwoman1_ shared a video on her account that shows something quite scary.

When the video starts, you see she is filming with her smartphone. She asks the viewers that will watch this clip, “Am I trippin”? As something is apparently causing her to be alarmed.

She talks about how she is home alone. With no other person being seen or heard in the video clip.

You can hear sounds in the video, but she mentions this is coming from her pet turtle. As she turns the camera to the side to show the turtle’s shelter.

She pans around, showing the room, letting you see she is definitely by herself as she is filming this.

@_wonderwoman1_ #ghost #hauntedhouse #creepy #shadow #reflection #scary #fyp #fpyシ #help #wheresmysage #hellnotothenonono ♬ original sound – Esmeralda

What’s unexpected from this video clip is when she pans around to the front of her television. Letting you see that it is currently off.

It’s then you notice a reflection of another person on the television that seems to be sitting right beside her. The outline of the person is very detailed and you can easily see something is sitting right beside her.

She raises her hand to wave, verifying that she is filming the clip in real time.

Is this a well-done hoax or do you think she actually caught something spooky on camera?

Source: Esmerala (@_wonderwoman1_) TikTok

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