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Paranormal Laredo: stories about our haunted history – KGNS


LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) – Laredo is over 300 years old… so as you can imagine, over the years it’s collected a lot of history.

Some of that history is haunted.

In our two-part series, we bring you the first part of the paranormal Laredo, a series of stories written by a local man collected over the span of 30 years.

Some buildings around town have a lot of history, like Fort McIntosh or Laredo College, but some say there is much more than history happening in these historic buildings.

Chris James, a retired Border Patrol agent, has written for nearly 30 years stories of the paranormal.

In his own words, he shares what places in town are visited by the supernatural.

“Fort McIntosh would be one because it was a military installation. No there were no battles fought there but there were lots of deaths there.

Another location is the old detention center out on San Ygnacio Road. It had been a radar base after World War 2. When the base was moved farther along, I think it’s in Oilton now, the base just sat there, and the county got a hold of it and started locking prisoners out there. Once again a lot of men stuffed in a small environment, none of them are happy to be there. Well, these kids snuck into the old detention center of San Ygnacio and something chased them out of there. They think it looked like a witch.

Another location would be the Slaughters Field, I believe it’s a park now. A lot of people say they have seen a shadowy entity there. They have seen it… there’s an old two-story apartment near the river. People have seen this shadowy figure looking out the window at them, not just one person but about three or four different people have seen this entity and they don’t know what it is.

Of course, the hospital, you can’t look for ghosts without looking at hospitals like old Mercy Hospital and I have to say it’s overrun with strange happenings.

Another one would be the other hospital, Doctors Hospital on Mann Road when the LPRS [Laredo Paranormal Research Society] were there with permission from the owner, they were walking down a hallway filming as they went and they caught what looked like a face at a doorway looking at them. The room was empty, there was nobody in there, when they went back and reviewed the video it doesn’t look human it looked like something from a different dimension.

Laredo has had a violent history. Controversy, activity, good, bad and otherwise adds up to spirits staying in the area….”

Laredo is unique, we know that by it’s history. But you never know, lurking around the corner of a historic building, an old street or park, you might just run into the paranormal.

Tune into KGNS News on Sunday for part two with author Chris James on the paranormal of Laredo.

If you’d like to read other stories on paranormal activities, James’ book is available online or you can sign up for his podcast.

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