New Jersey is known for so many things; great food, awesome beaches, and the people who live here are second to none.

Jersey is also known to have a paranormal side, and that’s something that I love about the state.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Halloween time or not, I’m always looking for a good ghost story.

Of course, along the Jersey Shore there is no shortage of local haunts.

You have all the stories of haunted houses in Cape May, there’s the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City, and even right here in Ocean County there’re stories of the Parkway Phantom or the Surf City Hotel.

Credit: Google Maps

Credit: Google Maps


I enjoy learning about local hauntings because not only do you get a good scare, but you also learn a little more about where you live.

Whenever I visit another city, without a doubt a ghost tour is on the itinerary.

When I moved to Ocean County, one of the first things that caught my eye was the welcome center to the Lakehurst Naval Base.

It’s pretty hard to miss the fighter jet hanging out on S. Hope Chapel Road!

Credit: Google Maps

Credit: Google Maps


Now call me what you will, but I forgot that the tragedy of the Hindenburg happened at this very facility back in the 1930’s.

For the longest time I just associated that famous black and white photo of the blimp in flames with Led Zeppelin.

What I also didn’t know, is that reverberations of the Hindenburg explosion can still be felt at the Lakehurst Naval Base to this very day.

I stumbled upon a fascinating read on

There are tales of mysterious sounds coming from abandoned hangars, air traffic controllers on the base  seeing things that aren’t on their radar, and people in Lakehurst reporting sightings of UFO’s.

Could it be the spirits of the Hindenburg tragedy, or the result of an overactive imagination?

What ghost stories of Ocean County do you have?

Be sure to share them with me at, I’m always looking for a good scare!

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