“I am not the type to believe in ghosts, but this happened to me and I have no explanation. My mom passed away in 2016 at 56 of cancer. She was in hospice and died in her home. One of her favorite songs was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” — which I added to her memorial video.”

“Fast-forward months later, I am cleaning out her home of her belongings by myself. There is no one else there. At one point I have an emotional breakdown and step outside to collect myself. When I return, I hear music coming from the other side of the house…which immediately struck me as weird, as not only was I there alone, but the electricity in the home is shut off. I follow the music to a bookshelf, where I find it emanating from a snow globe.

It’s motion-activated and only plays music when picked up. The song? ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.'”


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