A PARANORMAL investigator and ghost hunter from Workington was recently invited to Carlisle Railway Station to do an investigation.

Louis Davison says that he was contacted by Avanti West Coast to investigate alleged paranormal activity around the train station.

Louis has become popular through his YouTube channel where he looks for ghosts and spirits in abandoned buildings and other unsettling places.

Louis says that he has been to about 200 different places across the country that are said to be haunted.

News and Star: Louis Davison Louis Davison (Image: Louis Davison)

Mr Davison said: “After they had hired out a private paranormal consultant to investigate the station, because staff were leaving and were too spooked, they were no closer to answers.

“So I was granted special permission to conduct my own investigation down below the station to try find out what is really haunting the train station.

“Talking with staff who work there I was told that during the time of the biggest train crash in British history near Gretna in Scotland over 200 people had lost there lives.

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“Once the morgues became full they began to store the bodies under Carlisle train station.

“So this is where we started our investigation, starting with our EVP (voice recorder) we asked questions and when we asked if ‘they’ had a message it said ‘yes’.

“My girlfriend heard someone say ‘hello’ into her ear down where they stored the bodies.

News and Star: Inside the railway station Inside the railway station (Image: Louis Davison)

“As we moved around the undercroft we came across a room that had (Dr 1915) on the door, the same year as the crash.

“We ran a spirit box inside the room with a clear lady telling us to move and then physically moving me out the way by touching me.

“Also at the same time we set up a rempod device in the hallway where there is a child that is meant to haunt there.

“The rempod was going crazy, you have to touch it for it to go off.”

Avanti West Coast have been approached for comment.

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