Members of Congress are reportedly investigating allegations that the Pentagon is hiding secrets related to unidentified flying objects (UFOs), including claims that aerospace contractors are studying and storing materials believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. In response, at least one prominent defense contractor, Radiance Technologies, has announced that it is actively seeking government contracts that might involve UFO technology.

Radiance Technologies has 20 offices in 17 states and specializes in developing advanced weapons and systems for the Pentagon. Unlike some of its larger competitors, the company has not shied away from the topic of UFOs, which has long been considered taboo or fringe. Tim Tinsley, an engineer who spent two decades working on missile defense systems before joining Radiance, said that the company would be open to accepting a contract to study a UFO. “Oh, sure, absolutely. Why not, right? I’m waiting for one of those.” Tinsley said.

The company has also recently hired Jay Stratton, a former Navy intelligence official and head of the Pentagon’s UFO Task Force, as a reverse engineering specialist. Astrophysicist Travis Taylor, who also worked with Stratton on the UFO Task Force, has also been hired by Radiance. The company’s news releases about the hiring of the two men specifically mentioned their UFO credentials.

Radiance Technologies is entirely owned by its employees, and is based in Huntsville, Alabama. The company’s website hints at the development of exotic defense technologies such as direct energy weapons, hypersonic missiles, and systems to defend against cyber warfare. While the company cannot confirm the allegations about the Pentagon hiding UFO secrets, it has positioned itself to potentially take advantage of any future contracts related to UFO technology.

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