The number of reported sightings of UFOs in New York City has increased significantly over the past couple of years. In 2022, the number of sightings increased by 4%. This is the first time that residents of the city have submitted pictures to the UFO reporting center in an attempt to prove that they spotted extraterrestrials.

Although the photos that were submitted by the residents were blurry, the statements that accompanied them suggested that the number of alien visitors has increased.

In total, 13 UFO sightings were reported in Manhattan. Some of these include a series of objects that were spotted in the East River in June, and a large, silent alien craft that was seen flying across the city in August. Queens had the most number of reported sightings with six. Brooklyn had four, Staten Island had three, and the Bronx had two.

The increasing number of reported sightings has raised the question of whether or not something strange is happening in the skies.

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