CHRISTMAS is just one sleep away and we will all be tucked up in bed early tonight.

It is also a festive tradition to share ghost stories on Christmas Eve and Powys has no shortage of such tales.

So grab some popcorn and read on if you dare.

The Berriew Gathering

WE DO not know the year but we know a field between Hafodafel and Pen-y-Llwyn near Berriew was said to have been the scene for a paranormal sighting.

A child walking this path with his aunt watched many people moving around a sheep pen, including a pale woman wearing a red jacket and a crown.

When the child mentioned it to his aunt a little later, she said he must have been dreaming, as only ruins stood in that field.

The Ghost of Bronllys

IN 1908 many villagers witnessed a white entity silently moving at speed around the village, sometimes disappearing only to reappear moments later draped in black.

Even though occasionally pursued by locals, it could never be caught, and even once appeared in Pontywal, the home of Breconshire’s chief constable.

County Times: Ghosts.

Dylife’s miners still at work

During the 1980s a man exploring the tunnels watched a blue glowing light, the size of a small person, moving around ahead of him.

Old miners once told tales of balls of light which moved around the tunnels until they reached the surface, where they floated off into the sky.

The judged of Llanfihangel

Llanfihangel’s Skirrid Inn doubled as a courthouse before the 1850s, and a place of execution.

There have been reports of customers feeling an invisible rope being slipped over their heads before being tightened, and the presence of a woman has also been felt.

Llanwrin goblins

Under a certain yew-tree in the centre of the woodland of Mathafarn a fairy circle was known as ‘The Dancing Place of the Goblin’.

Two boys once took a nap in the circle, and upon awaking, one had vanished.

The missing lad reappeared a year later – he was grabbed out of the clutches of dancing goblins and saved.

County Times: A goblin wood.

The White Lady of Red Bridge

IN 1973 a ghostly figure appeared several times, manifesting in the middle of the road only to pass through incoming traffic.

One male driver stated that the female form looked at him with sad eyes as she passed through the bonnet of his car.

Ever since drivers have known of the Red Bridge ghost.

The dead poet of Machynlleth

The poet Llywarch Hen is rumoured to haunt Plas Dolguog Hotel.

He is not alone and a cheerful male spirit named Charles with an injured leg has also been seen on the staircase, along with a female spirit known as Mary who frequents a rocking chair in the parlour room.

County Times: Plas Dolguog. Picture: Geograph.

Plas Dolguog Hotel. Picture: Geograph.

The ghost of Lady Jeffreys

Lady Jeffreys was said to have haunted Montgomeryshire until banished into a bottle and cast into a pool by the River Severn close to Llanidloes.

The story said that she would be free once ivy covered the old bridge, so locals took it upon themselves to trim back the ivy whenever it grew too tall.

When the bridge was replaced, a bottle was discovered which contained a small black object which appeared to be trying to escape. The bottle was placed back into the pool.

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