Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley, a highly credible and vetted individual who served as Equerry to Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip, claims to have had an encounter with an extraterrestrial mind reading humanoid in 1954. Horsley, who had a successful career as a pilot and Deputy Chief of Strike Command, only felt comfortable sharing this extraordinary experience in his retirement. Predict

In an interview with Timothy Good, Horsley recalls that he didn’t have to voice his questions to the extraterrestrial and that they were answered for him. While Horsley did not provide an explanation for the encounter, he noted that it took him nearly 45 years to come forward with the story, even though it occurred over six decades ago.

Interestingly, Horsley mentioned that the subject of UFOs was discussed among high-ranking officials, including Prince Philip, during his time at Buckingham Palace. Prince Philip reportedly encouraged Horsley to conduct research into the subject, as long as it didn’t bring any negative publicity to the palace.


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Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley’s Incredible Encounter with an Extraterrestrial Mind Reader

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