A SCOTTISH film which was shot in one of the country’s most haunted locations is set to have its premiere on Thursday.

Outlast, produced by Venom Media, follows a group of paranormal enthusiasts as they explore Closeburn Castle.

Located in Dumfries and Galloway, the historic site dates back to the mid-thirteenth century and sits isolated in the countryside.

“I’m a fan of horror movies and I was constantly on edge when we were filming because it’s a haunted location”, actor Liam Bennett told The National.

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“Your heart was racing; you don’t know what’s going to happen so when you’re going through it there is a bit of fear but I think that plays well into the scene at the same time.”

The crew shot on Halloween night, heading to the castle and going live on TikTok from around 6pm before then shooting more footage through the night.

As the film progresses, more of the eerie history of the castle begins to unfold and it becomes clear the characters are not alone.

After a few months of post-production, director Richi Booth can’t wait to see the film get its release.

He said: “We’ve come a long way in the last few years as a production company. I think we’ve got a great backstory to this film; it won’t be a Hollywood blockbuster or anything like that but we’ve gone out on Halloween night and done a paranormal investigation.

“The cast also didn’t have a script so they had to think on their feet which I think is takes real talent.

“In this industry, it’s the people behind it that make it strong. It’s a great achievement. It’s taken us a bit of time to get here but I’m proud of each and every one of them.”

Bennett echoed the thoughts of his director, saying that he was “over the moon” to see the film finally get released.

“I can’t believe how far it’s come from when we originally started filming it. I thought it was going to be small and not get much attention given it’s an independent film but it’s great to have it covered and get people talking about it”, he said.

Closeburn Castle was first given to the Kirkpatrick Family in 1232 by Alexander II. Sir Roger de Kirkpatrick was an ally to Robert the Bruce.

It’s reportedly been haunted by paranormal events for centuries and regularly hosts ghost hunts.

Cinematographer Nathan Owens said: “Hopefully we are able to keep the viewers on the edge of their seat.”

Without wanting to give too much away, Owens did say there was a moment on set where things got particularly spooky.

“It wasn’t during a live but particularly towards the end of the shoot we could hear thuds and knocking around the castle so we had to stop shooting quite a few times.”

Outlast will be released on Friday January 12 and is available on Venom Media’s website. 

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