We’ve all heard of Call of Duty: Ghosts, and we’ve all met the operator named Ghost, but one player now claims to have found an actual ghostly Easter egg hidden within Modern Warfare II.

Take a look at some non-spooky gameplay footage from Modern Warfare II below.


As GGRecon reports, one player recently took to the r/ModernWarfareII subreddit with evidence of what they believe to be paranormal activity within one of the game’s maps: “Captured video evidence of paranormal activity on Taraq. I’ve been so scared I haven’t touched the game since,” Neon_Moons wrote, along with the video clip. Take a peek below.

Looking at the video, it’s hard to tell if this is an Easter egg or just a strange glitch. As the player explains, as they ran under an archway in-game, a silhouetted person’s arms suddenly dangled down from above. However, as soon as they turned back around to get a better look, the ghostly apparition had disappeared.

“Genuinely pretty creepy, probably a little Easter egg they put in the game,” smalllittlebigman responded. “Great, now this game is f***ing haunted too? I’m out,” wrote 97RAYMOND.

Whether or not this was intentional, it’s still kinda eerie. Who knew that Modern Warfare II was actually a horror game in disguise?

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