A paranormal investigation group would love to investigate a house with a suspected poltergeist.

ClubZero Ghost Group based in Stockport has been intrigued by the reports of ghastly sightings at the house in Wingates Grove in Westhoughton.

The house in question has a history of paranormal activity since 1993.

The family claimed to find mysterious pools of water and an ‘oil-like substance’ appearing on ceilings and walls, as well as objects moving.

The Bolton News:

A medium was called to perform an exorcism, a local vicar was called to bless the house and supernatural activity stopped for five years until 1998 when a resident two doors down reported similar activity in her home.

The same type of baby oil liquid was seen in rooms along with plumbing issues and Elizabeth Hulton’s two-year-old was talking to a ‘little man’.

Everything stopped when the Hulton’s moved but she insisted it would come back.

Since then, Martin Cooper at the ClubZero Ghost Group said they would love to investigate themselves if any of the residents on Wingate Grove wanted it.

The Bolton News:

He said: “We usually investigate houses like this and try to sort it out as best we can.

“We’d go in with our basic equipment like cameras and sound recorders and get a feel of the place first.

“We’d see what we could find and have a chat with the family too and work out what they’d want from us being there.

“After our research, the homeowners may want to keep it to themselves or maybe they want to contact the local church and bless the house.”

The group do not always find houses haunted but sometimes they pick up nothing and it can be down to the homeowner thinking they are hearing things.


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Martin said: “We’d never just go in and tell someone their house is haunted and they have loads of ghosts.

“And we don’t always find things because sometimes it’s just the owner is hearing something that isn’t there, but we offer alternative ways to look into if they still think there is.”

The group also celebrating their 20th anniversary and would love to undertake more paranormal investigations into the new year.

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