On January 9th, 2023, a father and son duo from Champaign County, Illinois had a once in a lifetime experience when they spotted a UFO while on their way home. The unidentified flying object was first noticed as an unusually bright object in the night sky, approximately 5-10 miles from their location. At first, the object appeared to be quite high in the sky, estimated to be between 50,000-100,000 feet, but it seemed to be hovering in place.

As the father and son watched, the object suddenly teleported from its previous altitude to a much lower one, with no apparent light trail, estimated to be between 1,000-2,000 feet. Realizing that they had witnessed something that needed to be investigated further, the father deviated from their route home and headed towards the object’s location.

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As they got closer, the large light that they had seen expanded 4-5 times its original size, becoming a glowing ball of light with geometric light fractals pulsing from the center. This lasted for just a couple of brief seconds before returning to its original size. It was at this point that the son began filming the UFO, the video of which can be seen in media file 1. The second video, filmed by the father, is also included in this post.

The father and son were incredibly excited and hyped about the UFO they saw, and the footage they captured is truly astounding. While the sighting is still being investigated, it is clear that the object they saw was not a conventional aircraft or known phenomenon. This sighting is sure to stir up discussions and debates among UFO enthusiasts and experts. The location of the sighting is Champaign County, Illinois, on the 9th of January, 2023.

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