The spooky doll has returned to the Highlands after scaring a family in New Zealand.

A child’s doll that is said to haunted has been returned to the Highlands following a previous life in New Zealand.

Kiwi paranormal researcher Mark Wallbank gifted the spooky item to the Highland Paranormal group based in Inverness.

Mr Wallbank was contacted several years ago by the family of a Scottish woman who had moved down under due to a disability meaning she needed round the clock care from her family.

In his blogpost on he explains that the woman had suffered difficulties during her life in New Zealand including angry outbursts and a longing to come back home to Scotland.

All the while the doll, which originated in Scotland, sat on her bedside table.

After she passed away the doll was put away with other possessions in storage.

However it soon appeared to start affecting the woman’s grandson, as Mr Wallbank explained to the Inverness ghost hunting group when he recently handed it over into their care.

The family said the boy’s mood changed dramatically while in the presence of the doll which was in his bedroom wardrobe.

They claimed to Mr Wallbank that he became irritable and argumentative – completely out of character.

Notably it was only while at home that his mood changed, they said.

Night terrors about an “attacker” and violent outbursts in his sleep followed until he needed space in his wardrobe and planned to move the doll out to the garage.

The family said: “On opening the boxes, he found the doll.

“What happened next, we don’t know, but he said that he felt dizzy and had apparently fainted, banging his head on a bedside chair.

“He is sure that all his anger and mood change has something to do with the doll and he is aware that he was not being himself.

“To us it makes some sense and even though I’m very sceptical about these things, I honestly feel the family needs to be rid of this doll.”

The doll then came into possession of Mr Wallbank who felt compelled to return it to Scotland on a trip here.

It was handed over to Highland Paranormal group founder Liam Shand.

Mr Shand said: “Highland Paranormal are now the custodians of the doll and she will remain with us. No activity has been detected since her return to Scotland.”

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