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Creatures and curiosity: Cryptid Trivia caps lively session at library – The Spokesman-Review

A rumored sighting of Bigfoot at the Spokane Valley Library last week has been confirmed. Sasquatch was there. So was the Creature from the...

UFOs filmed over airport in Albany, NY – daytime sighting!

Check out this interesting video that was submitted to me recently. It was filmed over Albany, New York in August 2019. Witness report: These videos...

Selling a Haunted House? Here’s What You Need to Know – NBC New York

What to Know Your dream home may be haunted, and in most states, sellers don't have to say boo about it Only four states deal with...

Texas Cryptozoologist Researches Forest ‘Monster’ – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

For cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn, the Southern Sasquatch remains an ever-elusive but endlessly fascinating subject, so much so he's now written his second book on...

AK: The haunting of Alaskan Hotel’s Room 315 – Alaska Public Radio Network

One never feels like they’re drinking alone in the Alaskan Hotel’s red light-lit back bar. (Jacob Resneck/CoastAlaska) Juneau’s historic Alaskan Hotel has a reputation of...

At the end of her life, my mother started seeing ghosts, and it freaked...

Last summer, six months before my mother died, I walked into her bedroom, and she greeted me with a tinny hello and a big...

Latest DNA Analysis Shows The Yeti Are Actually Just a Bunch of Bears –...

The Yeti of the mountains of Asia, hairy like a white ape, yet bipedal and standing taller than a man, is numbered among the...

A Private UFO Enthusiast Donated Thousands of Government UFO Reports to the General Public

A collection of 30,000 documents was donated to the University of Manitoba in Canada by a private UFO enthusiast.  The skies of northern Canada are...

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