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Need help with Haunting  


Jason Hawes
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28/03/2019 1:02 am  

Post here if you're looking for help with a Haunted location.





Science history: The weird world of cryptozoology – Cosmos

So, there we have it: The Loch Ness monster mystery apparently solved. News services around the globe have been running a story about scientists...

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A special paranormal investigation is set to be carried out at reportedly one of the most haunted houses in the world. Andy Yates, the owner...

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How the god you worship influences the ghosts you see – The Conversation –...

If you’ve ever seen a ghost, you have something in common with 18 percent of Americans. But while there’s evidence that our brains are hardwired...

Each year, this historic canal becomes the world’s largest skating rink – Roadtrippers Magazine

Canada’s Rideau Canal is over 125 miles of peaceful, scenic waterways, used primarily for boating. Historically, it was used for transport, but these days, it’s mostly...

DNA analysis indicates Bigfoot may be a big fake – The Guardian

A newly-published genetic analysis of hair samples suspected as being from a cryptic primate known by various names such as "bigfoot" or "yeti",...

Congressman Says Navy Withholding Information on UFO Sightings

The Navy has been withholding information about reports of UFOs, according to a top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee after officially requesting...

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