Monday, July 15, 2019

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The Different Types of Ghosts Explained – J Brocas

Ghosts or spirits can manifest themselves in many different ways, so it is only natural that they can take on different forms. Below, we...

Missouri Family Claims Seeing Bigfoot

A woman in Missouri says she and her family have had a few encounters with a gorilla-like creature. The anonymous woman, out of Crawford County,...

Haunted doll is heard saying ‘I want to burn your eyes’

A ghost hunt in Wales has left paranormal investigators chilled to the bone after a doll was herd saying “I want to burn your...

Bar in ‘haunted’ historic Yukon hotel set to reopen – CBC News

Aside from the ghosts, Yukon's oldest hotel has been empty for 15 years — but that's about to change.The Caribou Hotel in Carcross, well-known...

20 Best Ghost Movies – Best Ghost Horror Movies of All Time – Country...

Boo! There are few supernatural presences more frightening than those brought along by paranormal activity. That's why Hollywood has made a killing (pun intended)...

Bryan Bender: Politico’s Defense Editor Talks UFOs

Open Minds UFO Radio: Bryan Bender is the defense editor for POLITICO Pro and can be seen adding commentary on the History Channel’s Unidentified:...

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