Hidden Valley Scout Reservation near Loysville was the setting for Troop 97’s Klondike Adventure this year from Feb. 7-9. 

The theme was “Bigfoot — A Cryptozoological Expedition.”

The Klondike is an exercise in problem solving with contests of skills. Scout patrols from many troops acted as huskies, pulling a homemade sled around a field course marked by stations. At the Leave No Trace station, the Scouts evaluated different man-made and natural items and sorted them by decomposition rate. The Knot Tying station challenged the scouts to correctly and quickly tie five basic knots while wearing gloves (increasing the difficulty).

Scouts demonstrated preparedness and problem-solving skills at Fire Building, Orienteering, First Aid, and Shelter Building stations. As a team, they had to rescue one of their own “trapped” on an ice floe. Using supplies only packed on their sled, the patrol had to administer first aid and create a stretcher to transport their “victim.”

While looking for traces of Bigfoot at the Tracks in the Wilderness station, Scouts identified animal tracks and markings. One of the hardest team building challenges was the Snowshoe Race where four Scouts walked in tandem on one pair of snowshoes.

One of the favorite stations was the Tomahawk Throw.

It was a mild winter with a lack of snow, so the only troop to attend with no wheels had a difficult time in the sled race.

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