“There’s still wonderful adventures left to have. There are still plenty of spaces that have been barely touched,” he said. “It’s real easy living in a GPS world to think the whole world has been explored.”

With their documentary in the can, the two were able, with Torres as executive producer, to put together a presentation reel to shop around to major networks. They pitched their idea to a couple of major players, who weren’t totally sold on the idea. Finally they got a bite and they hope to have the pilot finished by the fall.

Torres said the presentation reel, which was shot as a documentary-style show, has been transformed into a scripted show using actors as the monster hunters instead of DeForrest and Morphy. The two will still serve as producers and technical consultants and will be on air as monster experts.

Though the show will use characters, Bob and Patrick, to explore these legends, Torres is insistent that they will not be making light of those who really believe.

“The show will be in line with Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries. It will deal with real characters based on Rob and Mike who are believers,” Torres said. “The show is comedic, but surreal. The eyewitnesses are never made fun of.”

Casting for Bob and Patrick is almost complete and crews have already done some scouting in South Carolina. If the show gets picked up, DeForrest and Morphy might end up foregoing their day jobs – P.A. announcer for the Auburn Doubledays and freelance video producer, respectively. It would be the break they’ve been waiting for.

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