Roswell crash

US President Donald Trump has said he’d heard things about Roswell that are “interesting.” He made the statement during the Father’s Day-interview hosted by the president’s re-election campaign.

The president’s answer came after his son asked if the White House incumbent could let the public knows what’s really going on. Trump replied he wouldn’t talk about what he knows about it, but said it’s very interesting.

In 1947, a rancher found mysterious debris in his sheep pasture outside Roswell, New Mexico. According to Air Force officials, it was a crashed weather balloon, but sceptics questioned whether it was, in fact, a space UFO.

A few decades later, the UFO theory has flourished as the US military acknowledged a top-secret atomic project had caused the debris.

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In the past, the president has talked sceptically on the possibility that there’s life out there. After the president told his son that he heard some interesting things about Roswell, Mr Trump Jr asked him if the president might declassify that information in the future. The president responded he’ll have to think about that one.

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