Latest UFO sightings that were submitted through our report page and Facebook page.

Denver, CO 7/8/20
Incredibly bright saucer that would completely disappear for minutes and then come back big and bright. Shape seemed to change but overall looked like a small ball and large saucer. Beams of light were 3-5 shining down and 1 shining upward. White and orange light, beams were green and blue. Many stars were out and this was significantly larger, brighter and busier than any other star. I opened my star gazing app to map the object which did briefly have a rocket flying near its path. The rocket was never visible to our eyes or camera. Saturn and Jupiter are visible this time of year but they were about 20 degrees east and still too low in the horizon to identify.

Torquay Devon England – 7th of ‎July ‎2020
I was looking down from the cliffs at Torquay and the view was absolutely stunning I could see for miles around the area. I took a load of photographs of the coastline and the sea before I turned my attention towards the two cruise ships that were anchored just off from Hopes Nose. I zoomed in on the carnival magic cruise ship with my Nikon P900 camera and just as I was in the process of taking some photographs an unidentified object flew right over the ship before it flew directly into the sea and disappeared from view. The object did not even cause a splash as it entered the sea which I thought was rather odd. I could hardly believe what I had just witnessed. I immediately looked at the camera’s view screen and flicked through the set of photographs that I had just taken. I could see that I had indeed managed to capture the unidentified object in one of the photographs. The object was sphere shaped and appeared to have some type of force field surrounding it. I believe that this was how the object was able to enter the sea at high speed without causing a splash. Whatever this sphere shaped object was it sure was moving fast and it really was just sheer luck that I was able to capture it in a photograph. This is why I always keep my Nikon P900 camera set to burst mode with a high shutter speed. I was really chuffed that I had managed to capture an unidentified flying object right above the carnival magic cruise ship. The photograph was taken at 4:47 PM on the 7th of ‎July ‎2020, at Torquay Devon England. All the best john.

Carson city, Nevada – July 2020
Hey there. I moved up to Carson city recently. And I wanted to share what a friend and myself saw tonight. And maybe you will have a better idea what it is. We were hanging out on a dirt road high up elevation just enjoying the night/stars. All of a sudden we saw a reddish light emitting from a triangle shape. Not big like a ship though, more like a drone. It hovered above us the whole night for over two-three hours. I will send that video. Over. It’s weird how it doesn’t pick up the reddish light source but definitely catches the orb like object. We saw a couple other ones that were similar but these more star looking. I got pics and a video of these ones as well. I just came from visiting Tucson and swear I saw a couple there as well. But i was smart enough to get proof this time. I’ll send those pics and videos.
But also. The moon has been very weird to me. How it’s shaped and it’s energy. Well it was missing all night. Figured it was just hiding out behind a mountain. After all these encounters we had we were looking towards the city and a bright portal of orange/yellow light starts expanding right in front of us. Just near where the first reddish object was. I was in awe, not understanding what we were noticing. It was the moon. It came out of nowhere. Literally no where. It was also rather large and weird shaped with a huge goldish aura. If I was alone I would second guess myself, but I had my friend there with me seeing all the same things I was. I finally had video and picture proof and a friend who was just as puzzled as I was. I’ll send them over so u can take a look. Just remember that the video and pics won’t catch the light source of these objects at all. So imagine these being bright in the night sky. Some reddish triangle ones (one hovering for hours) and other green/white star looking ones that would stick around for maybe five minutes before disappearing. I thought u would appreciate knowing what’s going on right now. But after seeing similar stuff in Tucson recently I think it may be becoming more common. Thanks Sarah. I know you’re busy but I’d appreciate any feedback on what u think these are snd even some other like minded individuals I could send them to.
Zoom in on that and watch the object blink. And move around. Outside the video it looked like a greenish star.
And that was the moon showing up out of nowhere after it was missing all night long. It wasn’t hiding behind the mountain and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It happened right in front of our eyes. It formed the weirdest portal like bright light shape and eventually after about thirty seconds My friend and I realized it was the moon. We honestly were in awe at first because in reality none of this was adding up. It stayed really big with that really orange color. U can see how in the first video I took there was no moon above the city. It’s the same exact angle as that first video. What is going on with the moon?!

Waynesboro, PA – 4th July 2020
While watching fireworks with my wife and son, in Waynesboro, PA, we observed this object coming from the NE area (South Mountain) moving rather slowly, it stood out, as it had a very ‘golden’ hue about it. Sorry about the quality, shot with an iPhone. I do have add’l photos. Interestingly, there was a similar sighting in 2014, on the same day!

Toronto – July 1, 2020
Bright clear round spot much larger than the stars in the sky seen looking across lake Ontario towards Buffalo, NY area from Toronto, Ontario. Although a great distant away it appeared to move irradically a little to the right at times but mostly seemed to stay in one spot. I went inside to find a camera with a zoom lens for a while thinking it must be a star and would be there but when I came back outside onto the terrace it was gone. Zoomed in on the picture and it looks like a glow ring around a bright spot. Im amazed and in disbelief that I might of seen a UFO. Never thought I would be someone who did. It’s a very distinct light when you see it. A friend called me freaking out that he had just seen a UFU in Oakville, Ontario. He explained it as tangerine orange colour with an orange glow ring around it and moving suddenly at times and then standing still. He was with a friend and they followed it in the car until it went up and disappeared. So I was amazed and went out onto my terrace to look at the sky and saw the bright white spot with a glow ring around it. I was lost in thought and disbelief at the possibility of seeing one as well.

Clarksville, TN – 25 June 2020
This was in clarksville tn last night around 11 PM. It wasn’t a star, it seemed to follow beside us for what was 5 miles going north, then as you can see in the video it stopped with us as we entered a gas station and headed towards us. There after my fiance said look how orange the moon is and it was a crescent looking moon that morphed and disappeared as we headed west bound.

Concord, NC – 6/13/2020
Hovering round/oval object. Slowly moving in sky. No particular flight path. Occasional white flashing light. Would fade into clouds than reappear. Disappeared entirely after about 5 minutes.

NB Canada – June 19, 2020
Approx 4 am a bright white light that looked light a star but slightly less bright appeared at the top of the sky and began to slowly drop straight down at inconsistent rates of speed. The light did not move left to right across the sky like a satellite or plane etc, would. it was certainly not a shooting star. The light just slowly seemed to be dropping closer to the earth and as it got closer and closer all the sudden it was as though the light was turned down on a dimmer switch until it was no longer visible. the whole incident was about 3 minutes long. it was not a helicoper, plane, satellite , meteorite. which makes me wonder what it was .

Gallatin, Tennessee – 6-20-20
2 translucent orbs landed behind New Hope Church on Pilot View Rd. At approximately 1am ….orbs were approximately 6ft in diameter.

havelock 105nnunn – 6/21/2020 11.39pm
not sure why but look out of my back bedroom window seen it had lights below it red and white was like what i can tell 15 feet in the air move around in a loop about 15m or so before it start it moving away more from window can see it being round body like see in pics but this one had like in the middle was what can make out square

South Louisiana, U.S.A. on 6/10/2020
I have footage of strange craft, sometimes looks like an orb, etc

Malibu California – 13 June 2020 at 12:42 am
i can you help me out? I saw this last night!!! It was far where the moon would be meaning it was not near and I zoomed in I wish I hadn’t and it would show how far it was ….
Is this a UFO ?
It was the strangest thing it moved so fast and it was flat or that’s how I could see and moved super fast
They were two then separated

Newton Abbot Devon England – 5th of ‎June ‎2020,
The weather wasn’t all that great but I was still sat outside in the back garden sky watching. I was looking around the sky through the viewfinder of my Nikon P900 camera and I hadn’t seen a thing. I had been outside for hours and I was starting to lose hope of seeing anything unusual in the sky, when I decided to look south where I unexpectedly saw a black saucer shaped object that flew up out of some thick clouds. It was moving very fast but I still managed to take some photographs of it before it flew up into the atmosphere and disappeared from view.‎ I am always seeing strange aerial objects around this area day and night. It’s very strange and I believe it’s because the alien occupants of these craft are heading towards Dartmoor where they like to collect genetic material from sheep and other unfortunate animals that they have killed and mutilated. I believe that once they have collected what they need, they fly back over Newton Abbot heading towards their base which is located some were in the English channel. The photographs were taken at 3:58 PM on the 5th of ‎June ‎2020, ‏‎at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.

Huntsvill, Alabama – June 2020
Two lights in the sky roughly 1000 feet
@ thus miles apart mid afternoon …. they flew together @ speed we cannot reach (linking together) then flew straight up out of sight. sighted by two

Hatboro, Pennsylvania – June 2020
I took this a week ago. I was filming a satellite when I saw an object appear out of nowhere and made a sharp turn and then disappear

Battleground Washington. Just above 11701 NE 314th St. – June-23-2020 @ 3;00 am RIGHT NOW
I went out to my back deck to star gaze as it was a beautifully clear night. I looked to my left and saw a very fast “star” shoot from nowhere. Then another, and another, and another. They all would simply just “appear” from thin air. I counted 8 at first and they were all in a absolutely perfect straight line. I ran in to get my husband. I told him i saw a ufo! He doesn’t believe in them. But i grabbed his hand. By the time we got to the deck again, there were many many more still coming! They would fly in a single file line. Front to back and one would have a long space then followed by two in very close formation then another pause between the two and the next one.they were flying at unbelievable speeds but never got the slightest bit out of line. Too perfect. As if an astrophysicyst was setting it all on a computer. They just appeared out of thin air in the west and flew in an arc strait line towards the north east. On a clock, it would have appeared at about 7:00 and went to about 1:00 in about 2-3 seconds max, the speed was about 4-5x faster than a jet. Then they just disapeared. In total count was 27 crafts not counting the time it took me to go into the house to get my husband. Who knows? All white, all round, completely silent and flying inconceivably straight and fast. Then perfect pattern as if following one another…one…pause…2 flying very close to each other…then one..pause…two.

Flagstaff, Arizona – June 2020

Denver, Colorado – June 2020
Hello there my name is Cearaand I live in Denver Colorado… Living in Colorado I’ve seen lots of UFO’s in my 40 years of living here but as of recently I’ve been noticing some bright stars or something in the sky that I’m starting to see about every other night often on for the last two weeks now… I went outside sometime last week to take my dogs out noticed that whatever was in the sky was incredibly bright As I took one dog in to get the other when I came back out whenever I saw that was bright and completely disappeared… There’s generally too bright object in the sky when is very bright and one is a little bit dimmer next to it… And I started to analyze whatever was in the sky it completely came back on bright and shiny we had an extremely cloudy day but for whatever reason you could see what was ever in the sky so I pulled out my camera and started to record this… And then just a few days later I continue to watch for them and on the second day they reappear ..they didn’t dim out is greatly is they did the first night But not only did they light up and go away they also moved positions

Wyoming – June 2020
Brother took a pic of Wyoming sunset and caught this

Chicago, IL 60607 – May 30 2020 @2:15
Hey I was going threw my pictures and I found this

Oklahoma – 4th july 2019

Beaver County Utah – July of 2019
During the summer of 2019 I was camping on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) along Indian Creek road in Beaver County Utah about 14 miles north of Beaver, Utah. I had many sightings there during that summer (and some of them quite strange) but I’ll tell you about the close-up I had.
In July of 2019 about an hour before sunset I observed a triangular UFO descending almost directly overhead with lights on its underside. The only thing in the sky other than the UFO were two military jets. The object seemed to be coming very close to one of the jets but narrowly missed it. It kept descending until it was 100 feet high and 100 feet away from my position near my tent. I kept my eyes on it in order to notice everything possible. It was triangular with rounded corners and had no visible means of propulsion nor did it have windows or any door that I could discern. There were 3 horizontal stripes that appeared to encircle the craft. One thicker stripe with 1 thin stripe above and another below. The thick stripe was darker than the other stripes but still brown. The other 2 stripes were of a lighter brown and the craft was of a little lighter brown than any of the stripes. It was descending slowly without any sound and then seamlessly began slowly ascending. The duration of this sighting was at least 10 seconds.

Long Island – 2016
Solid unmarked black ball quietly floating above tree level seen a few times from Long Island back yard. On evening turned into orange flaming ball, then went to black again. Floated away toward LI Sound. About 4 years ago.

azaelia village west palm beach florida – around 7yrs ago
my vision was bad do to drugs i was taking from VA. I was legally blind but for some reason they were surprised i saw them. they had no mouth but i was thinking about things i wanted to know. i pictured me cracking them if they hurt my family. i was walking to catch up to my family. while leaving i turned and the biggest grasshopper came out from behind the bush they were hiding.he was definitely the muscle.
i would love to communicate with them. i know i could see them

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