A new report by Slot Source released the top 20 most haunted states in America based on the number of ghostly sightings. What are the odds?

Well, hundreds of thousands of sightings across the country of supernatural / ghostly occurrences have been reported. The paranormal activity is monitored across all 50 states. The spiritual jackpot hits in Texas!

Since 2005, 6,845 reported sightings (and growing) of ghostly figures … average of 456 per year in Texas!

1. Texas 6,845

2. California 6,444

3. Ohio 2,555

4. Michigan 2,426

5. Illinois 2,151

6. Indiana 1,892

7. Pennsylvania 1,743

8. Oklahoma 1,715

9. New York 1,670

10. Virginia 1,655

The full top 20 list here!

The list is created from the sightings data found on Ghosts of America . Click on the locations search and hit up Texas. You’ll see recent sightings with Austin being a hotspot city in Texas with 114 sightings when I did some looking. Here are a few mentioned that could be near you.

Photo Taken in the State Capitol in ATX  inside the first floor section leading into the state meeting room. It’s thought to be Stephen F Austin, who has been rumored to wander the halls of the first floor looking for his seat.
Haunting at Parkside Apts on Barton Hills Drive after a death of a tenant who hung himself.
St. Edwards Park and Trail at Bull Creek sightings of a little boy with big blue eyes following / other times wearing pool floaties on his arms and smiling.
South Lamar apartments in the area with strange occurrences of sinks turning on, toilets flushing, bathroom door stuck, car keys being moved, and more.
Many more Austin haunts here!

Do you believe? 

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