DARK nights and wild weather can create a spooky scenario and Worcestershire is packed with haunted buildings where visitors can get a sense of the supernatural.

The county has been at the heart of some of the biggest events in English history including the civil war and a figure from that time is said to be one of the spirits at work in what is said to be the county’s most haunted location.

Here are places for people to visit where they may find they have an encounter with the paranormal.

THE Commandery in Worcester is said to be haunted by the 2nd Duke of Hamilton whose dying groans are said to be heard throughout the building.

The duke was the Royalist commander during the bloody English Civil War.

He was wounded by a musket ball in the battle of Worcester in 1651 and was brought to the Commandery where he died from his injuries.

Hamilton was buried at Worcester Cathedral but it is said his is one of a number of spirits which are active at the site.

YE Olde Black Cross pub in Bromsgrove has plenty of spooky residents to be a different kind of spirit served up at the boozer.

The pub dates back to 1640 and was once a place of public execution where prisoners were held in the cellar before being hanged on a spot now occupied by the beer garden.

The interior is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman thought to have been murdered on the premises while a Royalist soldier from the civil war has been seen in the corridor between the bar and the lounge.

WORLD War II bunker Drakelow Tunnels near Kidderminster has a spooky story to tell.

It is said the souls of six people killed in a roof collapse during construction are still present while rumours of satanic rituals practised at the site add to its dark legend.

Orbs and strange lights are often captured in photographs while visitors report hearing mysterious wartime music.

REDDITCH’S Bordesley Abbey is haunted by the spirit of Guy de Beauchamp, the 10th Earl of Warwick, who appears in the form of a black dog.

It is said he takes this form because he was known as The Black Dog of Arden due to his dark complexion.

An opponent of the King, the Black Dog had a brutal way to deal with his enemies.

He was responsible for the gruesome capture and execution of the monarch’s favourite, Piers Gaveston, the man who gave Warwick his sinister alias.

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