Terror addicts will get the full flavor of what might be out there awaiting them by picking over Creatureplica’s intricate creations. Each based on meticulous research into legends, sightings and stories, they are accurate down to the last fang and claw. And also fully articulated, with 18 to 22 movable bits so joyful buyers can pose their feet, heads, arms, legs, bodies and extraordinarily buff physiques.

It’s abundantly clear that whatever people these things are supposed to have been dining out on, they must have been very low in fat.

Jeff Beyers, also slim and trim, is one of the key players in Creatureplica. A man for all seasons, he’s got a background in graphic arts and works as a real estate appraiser and heavy equipment operator by day. His spare time passion, however, is cryptozoology. Some years ago, he became friends with a New Jersey-based sculptor called Jean St. Jean, one of the acknowledged masters of the art of the terrifying.

Beyers went out to see him and chewed over his passion for creating a new line of action figures that would be as accurate to their legends as it was inhumanly possible to get. “With Jean’s working knowledge of all that is Sasquatch and Bigfoot, all I had to do was reference the stories and the folklore,” recalls Beyers, 48. “Jean already knew where we were headed with it.”

He’s now the artist who creates all the model prototypes while working with Beyers and business partners at Creatureplica to finesse design details and come up with suitable color schemes. The full Creatureplica business partnership now includes Beyers’ brother-in-law, Craig Deere, a banker, as is the fourth member of the team, Nick Epley. They bring financial expertise to the always scary business of launching a company but are seeing light at the end of their product development tunnel.

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