Looking for things that go bump in the night or want to make contact with the other side? 

Oxford and the surrounding areas have their fair share of dark and ghostly tales, from restless professors to the tale of the Napier searching for his head.

These are (supposedly) some of the most haunted places in and around the area, just click on the ghost icon to reveal the spooky stories about each location.

Information sourced from Paranormal Databases. 

It is believed that the soul of King Charles I still roams around Christ Church College.

The former king has been observed around the college grounds both with and without his head. A shade belonging to a former royalist commander also lurks here – he was shot for treason on the site.

Another spooky tail is of the haunting manifestation that took place in the old Radcliffe Infirmary.

After several nights of experiencing something bump against his bed and feeling as if ‘someone’ was there, a patient mentioned it to nurses. They told him that the room was haunted by an old lady who would sit by the side of the bed as if giving her support.

The heating would always be broken in the room – even after repairs, the system would break within the day.

Have you ever experienced the paranormal in Oxford and the surrounding areas? Let us know in the comments. 

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