Tom Warrington

Tom Warrington has spent many years collating the information contained in the book, detailing his experiences of paranormal investigations across the UK.

A quality control manager for Sleaford Quality Foods by day, Tom’s fascination with the paranormal began as a child growing up in Boston, when he watched the infamous Ghostwatch in 1992, the mockumentary hosted by Sir Michael Parkinson which scared the nation where a TV crew investigated a ‘haunted house’ and all hell broke loose.

“I was then given a book on the Enfield Hauntings not long after, which was the catalyst that spurred me on, and the rest is history,” he said.

Looking for Ghosts – Seeker of Truth Tom Warrington’s book

Twenty-eight years later, Tom now runs his online radio show – the Pure Paranormal Radio Show – and has written for several national and international paranormal magazines.

Tom has investigated many haunted locations across the county and the UK over the years.

In Lincolnshire, he has conducted investigations at Haverholme Priory, Temple Bruer Knights Templar Preceptory Tower and a haunted property in Aby, near Alford, where Tom said he witnesses genuine supernatural occurrences.

Another was the notorious Ruskington horror, which saw a number of people witness a terrifying face peering through their car window when driving on the A15 between Ruskington and Cranwell, at night and was even discussed on This Morning.

Tom was also the first person to conduct a paranormal investigation at the Lincoln Stonebow and Guildhall, which dates back to Tudor times.

Now Tom has written a book, ‘Looking for Ghosts – Seeker of Truth’, which he said he is not only using to write down all his experiences, but also includes chapters on the modern ghost hunter and even touches on religion.

“Those who follow me and listen to my radio show know that this has been a long time coming,” he said.

“I’ve seen quite a few proven cases and people have said to me that I’ve got to write a book about everything I’ve seen, and there’s a huge buzz about it.

“I’m really excited to share my experiences with readers.”

Tom said he is also hoping his book will help to change people’s perceptions of the paranormal:

“Most people think that you only see ghosts at night, but there are actually more accounts of people seeing ghosts in the day,” he explained, “The reason most people see them at night is because many ghost tours are held at night for the fear factor.”

Tom said he also hopes to bring an element of humanity to the supernatural as many still find the thought of ghosts and spirits as terrifying entities that try to frighten us.

“That’s what I’m trying to change in people’s minds, as people still think of a ghost as a terrifying apparition in period clothing, a lot of people’s perceptions of ghosts is still very old school.”

Looking for Ghosts – Seeker of Truth is due for release on Kindle and paperback on December 20th this year.

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