This was filmed from Alamo, Nevada on 15th October 2020. What do you think it is?

Witness report: On Oct 15 2020 I was observing Area 51 at 7:15 pm on a Thursday night. The weather was clear, moonless and steady breeze. The breezed picked up in a hour or so. and became quite windy. At 7:32pm I saw this Hoover UFO just hanging above the mountain terrain of Area 51. There had been previous white explosions going off from behind the mountains. But no noise. I recorded this UFO just sitting in mid air for about 2 minutes. I am having trouble loading the right file for this site. So if you seen my first post it goes along with this post. Its case number is 111909. I am unsure what this is. it could be as simple as a drone.. let me know.. thanks

Your opinion?
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