Dorset is believed to be home to a lot of spooky entities and is one of the most haunted places in the country.

While Portland and Lulworth Castle are also believed to be amongst the most ghoulish locations on the south coast. 

Dorset paranormal investigator Kevin Allen knows the haunting history and spooky spirits of Dorset all too well. 

The 56-year-old described how he got into ghost hunting 25 years ago through an advert in a local paper paper asking for people who were interested to contact them.

Dorset Echo:

Dorset paranormal investigator Kevin Allen has been making contact with ‘the other side’ for 25 years. (Image – Kevin Allen at Knowlton Church in Wimborne)

He then joined a parnormal investigations team in Bournemouth for a number of years. 

But how does one go about contacting ‘the other side’ or finding ghosts in reality? 

Mr Allen, a HGV driver, said: “I always start an investigation with an opening prayer asking for our guides to protect us during the investigation, a closing prayer is also said at the end of every investigation asking the Spirits to remain where they are and allow us to go in peace.”

He explained that most investigations take place at night, not for scare-factor but merely for practicality. 

Most investigations will take price as night due to the peace and quiet the dark-hours bring, rather than the hustle and bustle of daytime.

However he said: “This doesn’t mean that anything can’t be picked up during the day because it can, spirits are with us twenty four seven.”

It’s hard work being a paranormal investigator and the kit needed can be quite costly indeed. 

To hear the voices of ghouls and to make contact with these powerful entities, Mr Allen takes a digital voice recorder and radio scanner to all of his investigations. 

From top of the range night vision camera and recorders to electro-magnetic field detectors known as K2 meters and infrared thermometers, there’s a lot more that goes into connecting with spirits and ghosts than you may have first thought. 

As we know, there are a number of spooky and haunted places in Dorset but Mr Allen has experienced a number of these spirits first-hand, most notably at Knowlton Church near Wimborne. 

Dorset Echo:

Knowlton Church during Mr Allen’s investigation, orbs can be seen in the picture. 

He said: “I led on this alter stone with the K2 meter resting on my chest whilst calling out to the spirits.

“The electric field from the alter had the lights on the meter flashing away.”

However, there was no need for the meter to have gained a reading, because there is no electricity at the chuch. 

He added: “There is also a yew tree that has split in two at the corner of the field that is said to be a portal to the next world.”

The most terrifying investigation Mr Allen has ever conducted was in the heart of Bournemouth at Cemetery Junction in the early hours.

Crazy things happened during this investigation, he said:

“Some of the females with us had there hair pulled, we heard the growl from a large cat, and whilst walking along the path to leave something scratched my neck and drew blood.

Sometimes however, the paranormal investigators with Mr Allen will not only make contact with spirits but they have been known to connect with the other side. 

He was once called to a small un-named pub in Blandford with an “unfriendly atmosphere” due to reports that glasses has been thrown across the room, things were being moved and there was other Poltergeist activity which was worrying the occupants.

After spending a few hours in the building, Mr Allen asked the landlady and her partner if he could run an experiment using ‘yes or no’ cards.

The experiment involved Mr Allen asking the spirit questions whilst the cards and an uspide-down glass were laid out on the table – they all had one finger on the glass. 

He said: “This turned out to be the most activity I’ve ever seen in Dorset and we found out quite a bit from it.”

After having made contact with the poltergeist and speaking with the spirit, the pub has since been relieved of its negative energy.

Have you had any spooky encounters in Dorset? Let us know in the comments. 

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