The ghost of a ‘young girl’ said to haunt the winding passageways of Gresley Old Hall is the subject of the latest hunt by paranormal investigators.

Ghost hunters from the firm Dusk Till Dawn Events is hoping to seek out spooky spectres and ghosts when it holds its latest ghost hunt in the said to be haunted historic venue in Church Gresley.

Gresley Old Hall, dating back to 1664, is said to be one of the most haunted places in the UK. The hall is said to be a plethora of paranormal activity from the many spectres, which are thought to still be there, said a spokesman for the firm.

It was built with material from the original old priory, which once stood on the grounds in 1543, dating as far back to the 1100’s.

A spokesman for the events team said: “Inside the property an original early 18th century staircase can be found, along with different floor levels and a dark, atmospheric attic – just perfect for an investigation.

“It is thought an array of spirits and ghosts still remain inside the walls of this property, however, various Mediums that have visited have sensed the spirit of a female, thought to have been a maid who worked at the old hall back in the Victorian era.

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“To back these reports up a strange ghostly image was captured on camera in 2015; many believe that the image captured is that of the young girl.

“With many avid ghost hunters that investigate this daunting location time and time again due to the activity found here, this is a must see and do ghost hunt.

“This formidable building is not for the faint hearted however, you will need wits about you as this daunting location is certain to send shivers up your spine from the moment you enter its dark doors.

“Don’t forget to bring along your cameras, camcorders and any other recording equipment you never know you may catch something on film.”

The ghost hunt will take place from 8pm to midnight on Friday, August 7. Tickets are £25 per person.

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