Christmas presents with e-book reader and books in bag against white background.

The holidays this year are going to be, well, unique.

Some family members won’t be there. Others are coming, regardless of whatever’s going on in the country. Still others are sending their regards and a box of presents, which is something you might do, too. And here’s the good news: books are easy to wrap, easy to box, and easy to ship. Why not try one of these great books for that person who can’t make it to your table this holiday season?


Does anybody need another book about a natural disaster?  Ha, of course they do!  So that’s why you should look for “The 2084 Report: An Oral History of the Great Warming: A Novel” by James Lawrence Powell. Yes, it’s set in the future. You can hope so, anyhow ….

If your giftee would love a good, multilayered novel about family and best-forgotten memories, then look for “Hieroglyphics” by Jill McCorkle. When Lil and Frank move back to Frank’s childhood hometown, the past moves in with them. Wrap it up with “True Story: A Novel” by Kate Reed Petty, the story of childhood trauma and the chance for those who lived it to recover from it.

For the giftee who’s about to pack up and move across the country, “The Exiles” by Christina Baker Kline might be a good choice for a gift. It’s a novel about three women who are exiled to Australia more than a century ago when exile was punishment. Fans of “Orphan Train,” listen up. Wrap it up with this: “Flyaway” by Kathleen Jennings, a dark twisted tale of vanishings and family horror in Australia.