The frightening history of Franklin Castle is haunting national television.

CLEVELAND — Do you believe in ghosts?

A paranormal investigation at Cleveland’s iconic Franklin Castle will be featured in an episode of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures on Thursday, March 5.

“Franklin Castle is unlike any other,” lead investigator Zak Bagans said in a preview of the episode. “You can come here, open the door, walk inside and begin having experiences like that [snaps fingers.] That’s exactly what happened on our first day. They caught so much evidence in just a couple hours’ time that would usually take a regular paranormal investigator a couple of days.”

But what strange experiences did they encounter?

A creepy sneak peek shows the crew reacting to an EVP recording, which they claim said, “Feels like… kill you.” In another clip, Bagans is seen leaning against a wall while exclaiming that something was pushing him.

“It is very disturbing,” Bagans said of Franklin Castle.

The episode airs at 9 p.m.

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This isn’t the first time Franklin Castle’s creepy stories have been told on the national stage. Four years ago, Franklin Castle was featured in its first-ever televised ghostly investigation with the team from Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown.

Franklin Castle, which many have labeled Ohio’s most haunted house, is filled with lurid legends of terrifying tales. Built in the late 1800s, the home at 4308 Franklin Blvd. in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, is said to feature multiple spirits. 

Its haunted history stretches back to when 15-year-old Emma Tiedemann died inside the house. Her spirit — known as the “Girl in white” — is just one of many said to wander the building’s halls. Her mother, Mrs. Tiedemann, is also rumored to stare down from the castle’s windows above. The room where Mrs. Tiedemann died in 1895 has since been nicknamed “the cold room.”

Last October, 3News was given an exclusive tour inside the legendary castle, which included a peek inside some of its secret passages.

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NOTE: Video at the top of this story is from October 2019. See photos of our exclusive tour of the property:

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