Those with an interest in cryptozoology should mark their calendars. A conference focusing on Bigfoot is coming to Pocatello.

One of the featured speakers at the two-day conference is Idaho State University Professor Dr. Jeff Meldrum. He studies anthropology and anatomy and is a specialist in human bipedal motion – walking on two legs. His passion for Sasquatch started decades ago.

“It was in 1996,” Meldrum remembers. “I was shown a long line of tracks – 35-45 clear footprints in the mud. I mean, there was nothing ambiguous about these. There was no room for misidentification. They were either the real deal or it was an extremely clever hoax. I don’t think I’m one to be easily fooled given the experience and expertise that I have.”

Meldrum will speak Friday, September 21 at the Pocatello Bigfoot Conference 2018. His talk will center on the famous Patterson – Gimlin footage recorded in 1967 in Northern California showing an ape-like creature walking in the forest.

“That’s what I’m going to be looking at: Examining how in hindsight we see that the film actually anticipated by decades many of the characteristics of an early bipedal hominin which are now conventional wisdom,” Meldrum says.

The two-day gathering, September 21 and 22, has limited seating and requires a ticket.

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