Latest UFO sightings that were submitted through our report page and Facebook page lately.

Islip, New York – 10 December 2020
Trying to figure out how to post this… saw this out my window last nite in central Islip

Manchester – 7 December 2020
It was stalybridge, greater Manchester , uk at 12.15 am I have a couple videos and a picture I will send you. If u could find out anything about it I would love to no thanks some my friends say its NASA station but I dont think so myself

Melbourne – 06 December 2020 at 9:30 PM
We see that very often

Longmont Latitude40.15803 Longitude-104.99051 – 12-04-2020
18 yellowish lights flying one after another faster than a jet over the flatirons mountain in boulder to a triangle pattern star dissappering as if going through a portal

Pismo Beach, California – December 2020
An incredibly beautiful multi colored rainbow colored ever changing light systems dancing around the object as what looks like an orb farther away. But closer it looks as if its ever changing shape. We see these a lot off the coast but they’re farther away and of course smaller harder to see. This one was very close and very bright but the camera couldn’t capture it for some reason only the naked eye could or through binoculars. If you can zoom in on the video I submitted you can sort of see the changing rainbow light patterns. I zoomed in on the second video just using my iPhone editing so you can see it at two different points of view.

Callands Va – 11-20-20
Not sure what it was

Orlando – 15 November 2020
This was a sighting last night at 6:50 on i4 highway in Orlando

Lake Gaston , North Carolina – 13 November 2020
Seen by a few people over Lake Gaston , North Carolina tonight. Up to 5 lights and someone saw fireballs at sunset. We saw 4 lights, 2 sets running parallel really slow with no other lights. Right at sunset.

Rome, New York – Nov 3 2020 6pm
I live near griffis airforce base, my father was in the airforce in the 416th SSS unit. I have always seen them since I was kid.
My house is near the direct path of the old b52 runaway. I see something almost every weekend. Alot drones, small planes, but the base is active, Blackhawks, c130, c17. I was in the 82nd Airborne so I know a plane lights from not.

Kansas, – November 2020
My husband and i were driving though a cornfield here in Kansas, we both saw a half dome, bright red ufo moving slow and it was close enough to make out a white rim on the side, almost like a redbaseball cap with 3/4 of the white rim cut off. after about 2 mins it sped away at light speed into the horizon, we saw it up close and it was about half a mile above the ground and was huge. he believes it was there for us to see intentionally by god. i believe it was a tour bus of sorts showing alien life the fields of earth. whatever it was I hope other people have seen something similar, bc it was unforgettable.

Knoxville IL – 29th October 2020
Hi seen this in west central IL around Knoxville IL on oct 29 2020 around 7:38am I was just heading to work and was getting out of my van and happened to watch this for a few mins it surely wasn’t a plane . So after a few mins I decided to tape it on my phone I watched it until it went over the building and it was out of my sight but I didn’t hear a plane at all and it was lower to the ground than a regular airplane I normally see flying over when I’m at work . Don’t know what to make of it but it was a very clear day .

Ethiopia – September 2020
Hello I am living in Ethiopia I saw an orb of light pass over a farm I was staying at in September of 2020 it flew over my head at about 20 feet above me it was brighter than the sun it was pass 11 o’clock in the morning and was very big round and bright , what was it were did it come from??????

Belfast, Northern Ireland – 22.05.20

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