Sure, you can go and see every star in the beautiful Colorado night sky, but that’s not the real draw of this place.

“You’ve had lots of people have an experience but they can’t talk about it.” Here, at Judy Messoline’s place. They can.

In Saguache County, Colorado – UFO Watchtower is a beacon that draws the curious from all over the world. There’s plenty of activity to investigate. “Cigar-shaped, narrow and really long,” Judy describes the closest sighting near UFO Watchtower. “It went zip like that!”

She says a dozen other people saw the same thing.

Messoline also describes another phenomenon on the property. She says there are two large vortexes out front full of an unexplained energy, according to multiple reports from psychics.

Head down to UFO Watchtower in San Luis Valley to discover where the aliens have landed.

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