Chandeliers swaying in empty, still rooms. The shrill shriek off in the distance. Piano’s playing on their own accord. Pictures flying off of the walls. The giggles of children around an empty pool. The sound of footsteps on deserted stairs. Cold spots in an otherwise warm room. These are the things of nightmares and haunted houses—or are they?

Experience the eerie phenomena for yourself when you book your wedding at one of these haunted venues. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t have to compromise beauty, style, and a great party space just to add a little spook to your affair. All of these locations are spectacular for hosting the wedding of your dreams—from stately Victorian mansions to hotel ballrooms to ornate and beautiful gardens—under any circumstance. But if you and your fiancé have a thing for the supernatural, well, you’re in luck. Each of these locations around the country are also home to plenty of paranormal activity. From iconic celebrities whose souls never left the building to long-dead inn keepers still keeping track of the estates, there are plenty of ghostly guests onsite to attend your nuptials (and you don’t have to throw a Halloween wedding to find them).

Every spot offers their own stories and legends, so pick your poison: Friendly ghosts like the goofy “Peg Leg Johnny” who teases guest in Chicago’s Congress Plaza Hotel. Perhaps you’d like to share your wedding with a bride who met an untimely end and didn’t make it to her own wedding day. Or, like in the case of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, maybe you prefer a goddess’s presence during your vows. Not spooky enough? How about getting married in one of Atlanta’s graveyards, where Civil War soldiers have been heard conducting roll call, or worse—seen hanging in trees.

Either way you have it, if you and your spouse-to-be simply adore scary movies, going on ghost tours, or hiding under the covers while things go bump in the night, then these beautiful spots are perfect for your happily ever after. We promise it will be a wedding that leaves your guests with goosebumps.

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