Haunted Places In BangaloreHorror movies like Annabelle and The Conjuring revolve around incidents that have taken place within the premises of a haunted house. In fact, these are based on true events and investigations carried out by renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. So, be it cases handled by the Warrens or the haunting stories that you have generally heard about, most are based on houses turned into homes of evil spirits, negative energies and so on. Some heard screams, while some saw lurking shadows and some experienced unnatural movement of things. If you are a curious soul, here is a compilation of scariest houses spread across different parts of the country.

Disclaimer: Travel to or spend a night in one of these places, but at your own risk.

House in Kundanbagh, Hyderabad

Stories about this two-storey house in the Kundanbagh neighbourhood of Hyderabad came to the fore when a thief broke into it and to his surprise found all three of the owners dead within its walls. Terrified by what he discovered, instead of doing his activity, the thief went and notified the police. The scary part came after this, especially when the forensic team came into picture. According to the team, the estimated time of these three people’s death was around three months prior to the day of the break-in by the thief. However, the neighbours claim that they have seen them even a day before the bodies were discovered. A few neighbours have even seen candles being lit in the house at midnight. Ever since this incident, the locals stay away from this house and it is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the city.

Haunted house at GP Block, Meerut

Haunted house at GP Block Meerut
There are haunted houses that have been known to have one-off incidents or something really scary sometime in the past, and then there are haunted houses that are known to be home to multiple incidents. One such super haunted house is an infamous property in Meerut’s GP Block. Once resided by four friends, this house has been known to be the home of multiple haunting incidents. If the locals are to be believed, it is haunted by the spirits of four friends. However, some of the locals have even reported sightings of a woman coming out of the house wearing read, thus, adding to the number of ghosts residing in this house. Even though the house remains vacant till date, people have reportedly heard the sound of giggles coming out of the property, and even seen apparitions, all in the late hours of night.

House number W-13 at GK – II, New Delhi

House number W-13 at GK - II New Delhi
Situated in the heart of one of the most posh neighbourhoods of New Delhi, house number W-13 in GK – II is a property which has been known to scare the hell out of many people. The abandoned house is said to be haunted by the spirits of an elderly couple who used to stay here once, but was murdered a few years ago. If the neighbours’ accounts are taken into consideration, apparitions of this elderly couple are often seen standing on the porch or even looking out of the window of the house. Some neighbours have even reported disturbing noises coming out of the property in the middle of the night. Among the voices heard, people say some of them are the pleas and tears of the old couple.

Putulbari House in Sovabazar, Kolkata

Putulbari House in Sovabazar Kolkata
If you have ever happened to venture into the lanes and alleys of North Kolkata, you must have noticed numerous old houses spread across the area. However, there is one particular ancient property in the Sovabazar neighbourhood that has been infamous for its haunting affairs. The literal translation of Putulbari, which is the name of this house, is House of Dolls. While it already sounds like the name of a Hollywood horror movie, this house still has a few residents, but then, the upper storeys are totally abandoned and have always remained unoccupied. No prizes for guessing that it is in these floors that the spirits of the dead lurk. In the olden days, this house was used as a place where the city’s rich would sexually exploit young women and even kill them at times. It is the spirits of these women that are believed to roam in the upper storeys of this property. Even if you don’t get to see anything here, we can assure you that the dolls engraved on the walls of this property will scare your skin off.

Charleville Mansion, Shimla

Ghost stories from the mountains always sound creepily true. And the stories from the Charleville Mansion in Shimla are even scarier. Built a century ago, this deserted property came into being during the British rule and was rented in the year 1913. The occupants of this property were British officer Victor Bayley and his wife, but they had to vacate it when they realised it was haunted. Initially, the officer heard from the locals that a poltergeist was living with them within the walls of the property. So, to verify the same, he locked the room which was reported to be the home of all the paranormal activities. Next morning when he opened the room, to his horror, the officer found it to be totally shattered. Very few residents have stayed in this property ever since, but the property became infamous for being one of the most haunted places in the hill station.

Vas Villa, Bangalore

Vas Villa Bangalore
Situated on the St. Marks Road of Bangalore, the infamous haunted house by the name of Vas Villa was not always known for being home to other-wordly activities and negativity. The house once belonged to two sisters, Vera and Dolce Vaz, who were the only residents of this property. In those days, the house was named Terra Verra, and had quite the reputation of being a beautiful house with happy residents living in it. Then came a day when Dolce Vaz was murdered within the premises by an unknown intruder. Reportedly, her dead body was also cremated inside the house. Since then, several paranormal activities started haunting the property. Among the reported incidents were scary screams, mysterious apparitions and disembodied voices. Till date, the property stays deserted and the locals stay away from it.

The Mansion on the Residency Club Road, Pune

The Mansion on the Residency Club Road Pune
If you are in the city of Pune and curious enough to explore a haunted property, this old house on the Residency Club Road is the one you must head to. But be careful as locals say that people can even hardly pass through this property in the dark hours of the night. The property is believed to be haunted by the spirit of an elderly lady who was murdered in her own home. If the locals’ testimonies are to be believed, the shadowy figure of this old lady is often seen looking out of the mansion window and calling out for help. Besides, there have been reports of scary screams, creepy noises and loud giggles coming out of the property. People say that in the dark hours of the night, a mystic apparition blocks the road leading up to the mansion.

House number KC – 19, Ghaziabad

House number KC - 19 Ghaziabad
It feels bad to accept the fact that a posh location like Kavi Naga in Ghaziabad can have a house as creepy as KC – 19. Once home to two beautiful families, bad things started happening in this house after the gruesome murder of them all. Reportedly, all of them were chopped to death by the murderer. Presently, standing out creepily in the midst of posh households, the walls of this haunted place reportedly have blood stains of the murdered even today. Neighbours have reported sightings of three children running around playfully in circles at midnight. Apart from that, people have also heard sounds of loud screams and sobs coming out of the house. Sounds creepy indeed!

D’Mello House, Goa

D’Mello House Goa
The first thing that comes to any traveller’s mind when Goa is mentioned is stunning sea beaches, beer, shacks and parties. However, for the curious souls, the place is also home to a haunted place in the form of D’Mello House. Located in Santemol, this house is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Goa. The house was home to two brothers, who started a dispute with each other over the division of an ancestral property. The dispute turned violent as one of the brothers killed the other. Ever since, the property is haunted by the dead brother and is home to some really spooky incidents. Daring visitors have reported paranormal activities in the middle of the night, including breaking of glass, growls, loud laughter and screams. The property is believed to be cursed forever and hence can never be divided harmoniously.

F2 Building in Valmiki Nagar, Chennai

F2 Building in Valmiki Nagar Chennai
Haunted stories are always scary, and most of the times the ghosts staying in the houses create problems for visitors and even cause them harm. But this house, located 15 km from Chennai airport, has a slightly different story to share. The property is haunted by the owner’s daughter who committed suicide in the house. People say that if someone visits the house during night time, the friendly ghost of this girl opens the door and welcomes the guest with warmth and even offers all kinds of hospitality. This actually sounds scarier. People say that they have seen the girl closing the door in the wee hours of the morning.

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