After a year of relative normalcy, The Sims 4 is getting stranger. Paranormal Stuff is the latest themed Pack for the game, and it’s set to expand the lives of your Sims beyond death. You’ll be able to summon spectres, conduct séances and visit a range of spooky, Haunted Lots, but there’s also another hidden surprise waiting for loyal players: the return of Bonehilda, the skeleton maid.

The queen hath returned.

Bonehilda made her series debut in Makin’ Magic, the final expansion of the original Sims game. Here, she served as an automated maid who lived in a closet. If you woke her, she’d trudge around your house, pick up your trash, sigh loudly and head back into her cupboard. She could also feed your children, which is pretty horrifying when you think about it.

Bonehilda was a legend, but after her appearance in The Sims she disappeared for nine long years. It wasn’t until The Sims 3: Supernatural she was finally back on the scene. In her absence, she’d grown a cult following. Bonehilda became a legend. A spooky, scary, skeletony legend.

In Supernatural, her presence and interactions were expanded. Bonehilda remained the same fashionable cleaning queen, but this time she also sparked terror around her. Visitors to your lot would run from her in fright. Maids would quit if she was awoken from her slumber. She could even fight burglars who invaded your home.

Bonehilda became a part of your Sim family whether you wanted her to or not.

While she went on another extended leave of absence after this phoenix-like recovery, the good news is she is officially back in The Sims 4 and she’s already trying to cause drama. Just look at this icy, over-the-shoulder glare as her Sim overlord attempts to mac on the Grim Reaper.

Image: The Sims 4/EA

Bonehilda is watching. Bonehilda is waiting. And she can wait for a very long time.

Other features of the latest Sims 4 expansion include:

  • Haunted Lots: These new locations are haunted by ghosts, and you’ll need to appease the spirits to live there.
  • Guidry the Ghost: Guidry is a new ghost NPC who can advise you on séances and communicating with the dead.
  • BONEHILDA: Yes, Bonehilda is back. Hooray!
  • Medium skill: You’ll now be able to build your ghostly skills and improve your ability to communicate with the beyond.
  • Paranormal Investigator career: Yes, you can become a paranormal investigator now. Cast out spirits, summon ghosts and stop hauntings as you level up.

But all you really need to know is Bonehilda is back. Everything is better now.

Long live the skeleton queen.

The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff is set to release on January 26 for PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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